about us
about us

PT Sanghiang Perkasa is part of PT KALBE Farma Tbk., one of the most prominent pharmaceutical companies, both nationally and internationally. In its early years, PT. Sanghiang Perkasa was known as KALBE Farma Health Foods Division. In order to improve its performance, and to get closer to the customers, in 2007, the company did major changes in corporate brand identity.After much consideration, eventually the name KALBE Nutritionals was chosen to represent the company’s spirit and aspirations, as well as become a reinforcement to its belief as a highly reputable enterprise.

Bearing the new corporate identity, KALBE Nutritionals actively developshigh quality nutritional products as a way to strengthenits commitment as a major player in the healthy food and beverage industry.KALBE Nutritionals believes that life is a gift, and its glory and beauty must be preserved. Realizing that in every stage of human life cycle, one will be exposed to critical and determining points, starting from the time we were conceived, entering childhood and adolescent, reaching maturity, up to enjoying the glorified golden age when bodilyfunctions and performance begin decreasing,KALBE Nutritionals is committed to always be there to accompany you in everystep ofyour life, providing high quality products to help you enjoy life as a journey full of blessing, and at the same time fulfillingone of our own mission statements: KALBE Nutritionals products in every home. Therefore, KALBE Nutritionals presents a whole range of best nutritional products, including Prenagen and Lovamil to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating moms; Milna, Morinaga and Zee to support optimal baby’s growth and development; Diva, Entrasol, Nutrive Benecol and Fitbar to improve the quality of life for young adults and senior citizens, and also Diabetasol for the convenience liveof diabetic people.

KALBE Nutritionals commits to produce the best quality nutritional products, and to make that happen, we work side by side with a number of leading nutritional companies, such as Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. (Morinaga Japan) and Benecol (Finland), to jointly produce the best nutritional products, such as Morinaga milk formula for infants and children, and Nutrive Benecol for Indonesian market. We believe that the cooperation can strengthen our passion to always provide the best for all of our consumers. Take for instance, our cooperation with Morinaga Japan – which was established in 1917 – and its Morinaga milk products. The cooperation has resulted in the increasing market demand for Morinaga milk. Eventually, KALBE Nutritionals, together with Morinaga Japan, inaugurated the establishment of of PT Kalbe Morinaga Indonesia in 2005. To date, PT Kalbe Morinaga Indonesia, providing one of the manufacturing plants for KALBE Nutritionals, stays committed to providing the best quality products for all consumers.

Here at KALBE Nutritionals, we strive to accomplish our mission: Provide wellness to millions, by providing products and services for the sake of public health. It has been a guidance for us to explore every possibility in the magnificent world of science, in order to provide the best healthcare products and services for millions of people, particularly in Indonesia, and the world at large.

Delivering excellent service to all customers, and facilitating their lives have become our aspiration and motivation. Thus, we continue to expand our service by giving the ease and convenience for all customers through integrated customer service strategy. We provide easy access for the customers via KALBE Customer Care 0800-140-2000 (toll free), home delivery services KALBE Home Delivery 500880 and an online e-Store (www.kalbestore.com) as our representation in the digital world, to help us getting closer to customers, and making them easier to enjoy our expansive services.
We believe in the importance of life, and we will continue to strive to help provide the best life for all of our customers.


Live the Best of Your Life.

Irawati Setiady
President Director