Performance & Business Growth
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The market of health food in Indonesia is increasingly growing and shows promising and positive potential. Although the economic growth is not significant yet, the life standard among Indonesians has shown improvements which in turn has increased demands for a healthier lifestyle. Consequently, this trend is generating needs for quality products and reliable brands for the purpose of enjoying improved health and quality of life.


Our reliable and widely known brands like Prenagen, Morinaga Platinum Series, Milna, Entrasol, Diabetasol, and other clinical brands are evidence of our true dedication and the increasing performance of the company.


Knowing that brand is the most important asset to the company, we are driven to manage the brand more seriously. Our hardwork and the consumers' loyalty have led our brands to being recognized as brands with excellence and performance. Consecutively, in 2005 and 2006, Milna and Prenagen were awarded as Indonesian Best Brand.


In 2005 Prenagen won an award for the category of the Indonesian Consumers Branding Award held during the Indonesian Summit Brand, and was also coveted with "Excellent Services Performance" from Frontier. In the same year we also won a record from MURI as "The largest toys collector", the toys then were distributed to less fortunate children.


Apart from having increasingly improved performance and enjoying prestigious acknowledgement for our performance in the domestic market, Kalbe Nutritionals products have also increased their overseas market. Export to Malaysia, Srilanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, The Maldives and The Philippines, have all shown significant increases.