Vision & Mission
about us

Our mission is to serve people with better health. The mission represents our raison d'etre. There has been one distinctive factor all along. Kalbe Nutritionals was founded on a fundamental belief that everyone has the right to enjoy how wonderful and valuable life is, and that is only possible when they have a good physical wellbeing.


Our vision is to become the leading health food company in Indonesia with the most trusted brands, the most intensive product development and the best customer service. For those purposes, we continue to improve our understanding towards the needs and aspirations of our consumers, to develop the high quality products, and also to increase the effectiveness of our distribution and marketing channels.


We develop our corporate values to strengthen our motivation and enrich our inspirations:

  1. Customer Devotion
  2. Hand in Hand Teamwork
  3. Innovation with No Ends
  4. Zeal for Excellence
  5. Touching Lives
  6. Elaborate Mastery
  7. Passion for Wellness