Frequently Asked Question

KN Recruitment Team will inform you the selection process result in approximately 2 weeks from last selection process via SMS/WhatsApp. If it takes more than 2 weeks, candidate is allowed to ask the result via SMS/WhatsApp to our Recruitment Team.
You can see vacancy information of KALBE Nutritionals Division at: Website KALBE Nutritionals Division: Social Media : Facebook : Jobs at KALBE Nutritionals Division Twitter : @lowker_KALBE Instagram : kalbenutritionalscareer Jobstreet : Search company PT. Sanghiang Perkasa
All submitted CVs will first be reviewed to see compatibility between applied position and administration requirements such as CV, academic and professional background, etc. Only the ones who pass the administration process will be contacted to attend next selection process. Recruitment steps of KALBE Nutritionals Division can be found in: di http://kalbenutritionals/en/career/recruitment
KALBE Nutritionals Division has a wide range of position in the structure with a wide range of educational backround needed. You can see the educational requirement on each position available in VACANCY tab.
If your desired position is not available, please click on DROP CV tab and input the desired position. Your information will be saved to our database and we'll reach you anytime the position is available.
If your siblings or relatives or spouse working in KALBE Group but not in KALBE Nutritionals, you can apply to us. But if they work in the same company which you also intend to apply, unfortunately you aren't allow to apply. This matter is based on a regulation in KALBE Group.
Yes you can. We'll process the recruitment based on availability position in any subsidiaries which you apply to. But if you are in the middle of recruitment process for one of the subsidiary in KALBE Nutritionals Division, you can't be process for other subsidiary.
You can apply again one (1) year after failed application. Please apply through our website or send us your CV to
All of KALBE Nutritionals Division companies and KALBE Group never charged applicants for recruitment process
- Psychological Test: CV, photo, copy of ID card, copy of diploma and transcript as well as the original one (for checking purpose only), and copy of other certificates if available. - HRD and User Interview: you don't have to bring any document unless notified.
You can contact us via email or via KALBE Nutritionals Division Learning Center phone 021-2957.4880 or via our Recruitment Team phone number.
You must inform the PIC Recruitment, maximum the day before, that you can't come or join the psychological test or interview on selected schedule. After that, you should tell the date which you available to do the process.
You can contact us via email or via KALBE Nutritionals Division Learning Center phone 021-2957.4880 or via our Recruitment Team phone number.
Employee's status will be permanent after pass through probation and/or training period. Position with temporary status will be notified in work agreement.
Of course. Plese apply to friend's desired position or click on DROP CV tab.
KALBE Nutritionals Division consist of subsidiaries with different office locations. You can check office locations in our website. We also have some branch offices in Indonesia. For sales team in particular, will be placed in accordance with company's business need.
There will be orientation or training program to prepare fresh graduate employees.
Every position has its own career path. Details will be provided when recruitment process go on.
Internship program determined by divisions' need. If you're interested in having an internship in KALBE Nutritionals Division, please send your application to with email subjct KALBE Nutritionals Division INTERNSHIP PROGRAM. You'll be notified if we have necessity suitable with your qualification.
Minimum of three (3) months and intern have to present every work days and office hours (Monday to Friday from 108.00 to 16.30